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What is Dialux Evo

Dialux is a user-friendly lighting design software used by architects and designers to plan and visualize indoor and outdoor lighting. It supports various fixtures, calculates illuminance levels, and helps create energy-efficient lighting designs. With its intuitive interface, Dialux is essential for achieving well-lit and visually pleasing spaces.


DIALux evo for beginners

In this online course you learn the basic functions of DIALux evo. The trainer accompanies you from the creation of the project to the placing of luminaires and calculation and output.

DIALux evo for advanced learners

Do you already have a basic knowledge of DIALux evo or have you already booked the DIALux evo online course for beginners? Then you can deepen your knowledge with the second part of our online training in English.

DIALux evo for Street Lighting

Special training unit for street light calculation according to EN 13201. The trainer accompanies you from the creation of the project to the placing of luminaires, calculation and output.

Emergency lighting with DIALux evo

This is an online emergency lighting calculation course according to EN 1838. Our trainer will guide you from inserting the emergency calculation objects to placing the emergency luminaires, calculation and output.

For whom is this course

Recommended for architects, interior designers, engineers, and anyone interested in lighting
design and calculations. Explore our lighting course, making understanding lights easy. Whether
you’re a pro or just love creative ideas, it’s perfect for you.

Acquire an official certificate from DIAL Germany
2 Hours per week with practical sessions. ( 1h for lectures & 1h practical )
Every Saturdays at 14:30 (UTC/GMT +5:30 hours) GMT/UTC + 9:00 AM (9:00)
Registration Now Open. StartingĀ AugustĀ 2024