Kingsbury Hotel



On the back of the horrific Easter Sunday attacks this luxury hotel was on a path to rebuild and renovate from the disaster it was struck by. The two restaurants underwent major changes and the lighting was done to give it a very decorative yet pleasant atmosphere. This is done with the use of custom-made light fixtures, specified decorative wall lighting and other features meant to accentuate what is already in place. The bar too underwent changes to reflect a specific ambience as is required in a place where one tends to wind down and relax

A heavily affected area which underwent major reconstruction after the attacks. The lighting design is a mixture of lighting used to highlight the interior whilst also providing a decorative edge with the pendant lights and an illuminated wall.


Situated within the impacted regions, the restaurant stands as a recent addition, showcasing a distinctive color scheme accentuated by a complementary architectural lighting design. This design incorporates specially crafted decorative light fixtures, contributing to the overall ambiance of the establishment.


Undergoing a renovation, the project underwent a comprehensive transformation in its lighting design, achieving an ideal bar-like ambiance. The newly cultivated atmosphere exudes a calming nature, enhanced by meticulously specified lighting settings. All lighting elements are thoughtfully optimized to benefit consumers, creating an inviting and comfortable environment.