The Golden Gate Kalyani Bridge

A groundbreaking project featuring Sri Lanka’s inaugural high-tech cable-stayed bridge, constructed with an innovative extradosed design. Utilizing stay cables to connect the main pylons with the bridge deck, it distributes the load efficiently. Spanning over 380 meters with six lanes, it extends from the Colombo-Katunayake Expressway’s terminus to the Bandaranaike Roundabout, narrowing to four lanes thereafter towards Orugodawatta, Ingurukade Junction, and the Port entrance.

The lighting design, a feat of technical prowess, focuses on illuminating the structure’s stay cables. An intelligent system comprising RGBW Projector Lights and Linear Profile Lights was employed. Projectors illuminate the stay cables externally, while linear profiles flank the pylons, transforming the bridge into a stunning architectural feature.

RGBW Lights offer a myriad of color combinations, with over 16 million hues possible with RGB fixtures alone. By incorporating Warm White (3000K), the color options are further enriched, ensuring seamless integration with the existing 3000K street lights for a cohesive visual experience. This meticulous approach creates a unified appearance, enhancing the bridge’s aesthetic appeal.